Frequently Asked Questions


Can you help me with a car loan?  Not for personal use.  We can facilitate financing or leasing options for vehicles that are primarily used for business purposes.

Do you provide services to businesses outside of the United States? No.  We provide business loan consulting only to businesses located in the United States.

Can you help me with buying a home? No. We do not broker home mortgage loans.  We help you finance the acquisition of commercial property for your business.

What is your Privacy Policy?  We take you privacy very seriously.  We do not sell your personal or business information and only collect the necessary information for submitting a credit application to a lender that is known to be interested in the type of transaction you are seeking and industry of your business.

Do you charge up up-front fees? No.  We are a success only Business Loan Consultant, meaning that our fee is paid by the lender at the closing of the transaction.  In some cases a lender may require a Good Faith deposit when financing 100% of equipment purchases or projects which will be paid directly to the lender, count as the final payment, and refundable if the lender does not finance the transaction.